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Unique holiday gifts are what I aim for whenever I need to purchase a gift.

It is so rewarding to find products that are different than the usual.  Practical items, stunning items, outright super cool items.  You get the idea.

I am all about practicality and meaning when it comes to shopping for my friends and family.  It isn’t fulfilling to buy something just to buy it.  The gift has to have some form of meaning, be it something the recipient mentioned needing/wanting, something I felt would help them in some way or another to better themselves.

Check out my unique holiday gifts guide – I hope I’ve helped you with your gift shopping!

Illuminate While You Exercise

I was introduced to the Tracer360 Visibility Vest and immediately thought of three people on my holiday gift list that would love one. 

This visibility vest isn’t like the traditional ones out there.  (I’m not knocking the traditional vests, as I think they are super important to use if you decide to exercise outdoors in the dark.)

Tracer360 Visibility Vest

This vest, though, is so cool. It is one of the most innovative and effective high visibility safety vests available. The all-season/rain-proof design is ultra-comfortable, incredibly durable and adjustable to be worn over a t-shirt or your favorite cycling or running jacket. Perfect for night running, early morning bike commutes and everything in between. A headlamp or running light can’t provide the type of eye-catching, 360° illumination of the Tracer360. Even the best reflectivity, on your running shoes to your high viz jacket, is only effective in the path of headlights.

The Tracer360’s unique, multi-color illumination modes are based on visual science and tailored to catch the attention of today’s smart phone-distracted drivers. The vest uses two powerful, efficient CREE LEDs. The five dynamic illumination modes are software-controlled and combine flash, strobe and blink modulation across a variety of colors dramatically increasing visibility and safety. Also the Tracer360 includes six solid colors.

Be ready to hit the road for your next nighttime run or evening bike ride in this powerfully illuminated and 3M reflective vest.

Jewelry With Soul

unique holiday gifts

A friend introduced me to the CA Souls jewelry line and I happily checked a few gifts off my list!  The line of handmade morse code necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are such a creative way to express what the recipient means to you.

All you have to do is choose the style of necklace, bracelet, or earrings and then enter your custom message.  It immediately is translated into morse code, which I think is really cool.

You can also choose from their already-designed morse code messages.  Shipping is FREE, and if you submit your email address to them, you will receive 10% off your first order.  

Lotus Trolley Bag
Lotus Club Trolley Bag

This idea is perfect for the eco-conscious gift recipient on your list!  Lotus Trolley Bags are very cool.  They are great for just about anyone that shops (which is just about everyone).  The supermarket is not my most favorite place to shop, but when I go, I like to be as organized as possible.  

The Lotus shopping cart bags are GREAT!  I velcro the bags to the cart handle, do my shopping and once I am checking out, I start the organization process. 

Each bag is allocated for a specific type of food.  Fruit and veggies go in the blue bag, frozen food go in the insulated turquoise bag, and eggs and wine go in the purple bag.  

The poles are removable, allowing for me to pop them in the washing machine when they get yucky.  At $39.99, the trolley bags are the gift that keeps giving.  

I also love the produce bags!  No more plastic bags floating around the house.  (YAY!) The reusable produce bags are great for stocking stuffers (and are on sale for $16.95 and free shipping if you are an Amazon PRIME member!). They are washable and reusable.  

Perfect For the Snacker!

I love to snack, and my favorite snack is popcorn. When I saw that there was a way to make popcorn in the microwave without worrying about the harmful chemicals that are in the commercial microwavable bags, I had to spread the word!  Popping popcorn super fast, and in a healthy way is definitely on my list as a unique gift idea!

The Popper is dishwasher safe, BPA free and FDA/LFGB approved.  You don’t need oil – just add 5 tablespoons of kernels in the popper, cover and microwave for 2-4 minutes.  I found this at The Grand Tour, a boutique filled with vintage and contemporary finds right here in Palm Beach!  

You can find a gift for just about everyone on your list at The Grand Tour.  Visit the boutique or shop online from the comfort of your couch. Stay tuned to Pellerini for some more fun gift ideas from The Grand Tour!

Address: 340 Royal Poinciana Way, Palm Beach, FL 33480

Phone: 561.660.7885 and follow along on Instagram!

Technology Meets Practicality

This next gift idea is unique, yet practical for just about anyone on your gift list.  I was first introduced to Aura Frames via my favorite podcast, Mob Queens.  The concept piqued my interest so I headed to the interwebs to learn more.

The inventors behind Aura Frames believe in the power of memories to help us connect with the people who matter most.  There are two ways you can share memories with someone you love


Purchase one of the Aura super stylish frames and have the ability to change the photos at a moment’s notice.  All you need is the easy-to-use app!  There is no limit to the number of photos you can upload to the frame.

Each state-of-the-art frame automatically corrects the photo color and light balance.  Resolution is amazing as well.  


Aura Analog is the traditional version of the digital gift that keeps on giving.  All you need to do is gift a frame, and then choose 5 photos to send to the recipient each month for only $7.99/month.

First he or she will receive the frame with a note along with five photos.  Each month they will receive five 5″ x 7″ photos to add to their frame.  

I think both options are perfect for parents and grandparents!  (Don’t tell my parents that this may be under the tree for them.)

Don’t forget to check out my Holiday Gift Guide for Kids for some great gift options.

Stay tuned as I am going to update this gift guide as I find fitting items to share with you!


About The Author

Dana Peller

Dana Peller

I’m a wife, mom, biz owner, writer, creator, and TV personality. My days are accomplished with a dash of flair, lots of style, and fueled by coffee.

About The Author

Dana Peller

Dana Peller

I’m a wife, mom, biz owner, writer, creator, and TV personality. My days are accomplished with a dash of flair, lots of style, and fueled by coffee.

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65 thoughts on “Unique Holiday Gifts Guide”

  1. I love how unique these gifts are. I see a few gifts that would be perfect for some of the people on my list.

  2. melissa chapman

    These are great gifts and some that I never thought of until now. I have not started my shopping yet so this is right on time

  3. I have been eyeing those Lotus grocery bags for far too long! I just typically have a carseat in the basket… but I’m tired of all the waste. I think I can take the plunge!

    1. Do it, Dana! I know it’s hard when you have a baby carrier in the cart, but the trolley bags are awesome!

  4. Bonnie G

    These are great unique gifts! I love those Lotus Trolley bags and would buy for myself. =)

  5. These are great! I want that trolly bag in the worst way! I think that is pure genius and would really make shopping easier.

  6. What some great ideas, those trolley bags look fantastic, and would make for much easier unpacking when your home.

  7. I use those cart bags in Aldi’s. Love them since you have to bag your own anyway.

  8. I love your gift guide, the gifts are unique and creative. I will check the digital photo frame, love it.

  9. What a amazing guide! I love those baggies! You are so right, they are perfect for snackers!

  10. The morse code bracelets are so cute! I’ve been meaning to get produce bags–those trolley bags are a great idea!

  11. I love reading gift lists and recommendations! Your holiday gift guide really has some unique gift ideas!

  12. catherine santiago jose

    I love this unique gift ideas of yours, there’s a lot of good choices to choose from and I found something that would be perfect gift for my sisters, thanks for sharing!

  13. all those ideas here are cool and unique! Love that trolley bag! Its so clever and I would love to have one! The jewellery is so pretty too!

  14. Catalina

    I love those Lotus Trolley Bag! I need to have have always in my car!

  15. Cathy Mini

    Thanks for sharing this awesome idea. I got an idea for this Christmas season.

  16. Those are some great ideas. I really love the bags. Those would be so nice to have.

  17. The grocery cart bags are something I have been needing. I ALWAYS forget to pack my re usable bags and wish I were better about it!

    1. Ashley I am the same exact way. I always forget my reusable bags and then end up buying more LOL

  18. Those trolley bags are great, and I’m hoping someone will gift me the produce bags this year!

  19. Chastity

    I am all about unique gifts as well as long as the person can benefit from it.
    These gifts you listed are actually very cool concepts and I like them for myself to be honest.

  20. We have a couple of things we still need to grab for family and friends. Looking into these, especially the trolley bag. It’ll come in handy while shopping with the kids.

  21. These are really unique gift ideas, but each are touching and tell a story . I love to get some as gift myself.

  22. I love the shopping cart bags! It will help me segregate products in the cart.

  23. Thanks for sharing! I am not really good at finding gifts. I could use that digital frame!

  24. JEWELRY is always the best option, I got it for my partner already.

    Loved reading your post.

  25. Melanie Walsh

    With a house full of movie fans, popcorn is a must here. The Popper would be perfect for all of us! Might have to open it early though because I’ve got so many Hallmark movies to screen this holiday season.

  26. I really like the Lotus Trolly Bags! I know I need to make a better effort at being more conscious when it comes to how my groceries get packed

    1. They make packing the groceries so much easier! I leave the insulated bag with the frozen food in my garage while I drop the other bags off in the kitchen, then go back to the garage fridge to stock it with what I purchased.

    1. They totally save on buying bags and using plastic ones. I love that they organize me so much better now when I go shopping, too!

  27. Alot of these are very practical and useful! Those cart bags look so cool! They would be very helpful for grocery shopping with kiddos.

  28. I love my trolley bags, they have really come into their own was the invention of the self scan checkouts

  29. I love these ideas. The high vis for runners is an excellent idea, but the trolley separator really took the lead for me!
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Nyxie! My dad walks early in the AM and sometimes at night, so that vest is perfect for him – shhhh it’s under the tree for him 🙂

  30. These are amazing gift ideas! I think i found something on here for a friend! Thanks for this.

  31. Finding unique gifts isnt always easy so thanks for putting this awesome list together! I love the frame idea!

  32. The first one is nice. But just to share, we gave our father a personalized plaque this year with our signatures on it and written “Best Dad Ever”

  33. Love these gift ideas! The morse code bracelet is so unique and gorgeous!

  34. Yes, Lotus Trolley Bags are very cool. Actually, I want to buy it for myself. Of course, it would also be a great gift for many of my friends, because who does not shop;)

  35. Nice post. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post about unique holiday gifts. I have a large collection of handmade unique gifts for all occasions. If anyone interested to buy handmade unique gifts online visit our website.

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