Summer Travel Necessities

summer travel necessities

Do you have any summer travel plans scheduled?  We have one trip on the calendar, so far – perfect motivation to look for new summer travel necessities.

I’m all about packing smart and being prepared.  The items below will definitely help do the trick!


Whether you’re planning an overnight trip or a 10-day getaway, below are some luggage recommendations!


I’ve seen Away advertised all over the place – online, TV, and magazines – so I had to see what all of the hype was about.

If you’re looking down at your dying phone and broken bag, you can’t see up, out, and ahead to the world in front of you.

I am all about hard-case suitcases and Away offers both a carry-on version and full-size (as well as other types).  I love that they have 360-degree spinner wheels and a built-in charger.  Did I mention they come in a variety of colors and you can monogram them too?  Score!

Packing Cubes

I just jumped on the packing cube bandwagon, but remember my aunt using them years ago.  The idea behind packing cubes is the epitome of luggage organization.  Use one cube for your t-shirts, one for shorts, one for your unmentionables; or one for one kid, and one for the other.

The organization options are endless.  Here are some of my favorites:

Duffel Bags

Duffel bags are perfect for overnight trips or as a carry-on.  There are a lot of different styles, even ones with wheels making it super easy to walk with.

If we know there’s going to be some shopping during our travels (99% of the time there is), we pack a folded duffel in our luggage.  Proper preparation!  You can also use it as a catch-all for laundry.

Scroll through some of my favorites below.  If one catches your eye, simply click on it for more info/to purchase!

Toiletry Bags

I am very particular when it comes to toiletry bags.  I sometimes travel with more than one, compartmentalizing my makeup and cleansing/moisturizing products for finding everything easily.

Scroll through some of my favorites below.  If one catches your eye, simply click on it for more info/to purchase!


Travel Products

Compression socks are worn to prevent swelling and aid in blood circulation.  They are especially helpful when flying, especially long flights.

Gone are the days of having to wear solid nude or black colored compressions socks.  Now they come is such cute patterns, I grabbed a few pairs for myself and hubby.

Scroll through some of my favorites below.  If one catches your eye, simply click on it for more info/to purchase!


Last time I flew up north, I boarded the plane super excited to watch a movie or catch up on HGTV to find out that I didn’t back my noise-canceling headphones.  Total buzz kill.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left for a trip and forgotten:

  • Headphones/earbuds
  • Charging wires
  • Battery back-ups

Now, I collect all of them in one of my old toiletry bags and pop the bag in my carry-on.  You just have to remember to put everything you used on vacation back in that bag for the next time.


You know the saying, “There’s an app for that!”  There truly is, and especially helpful travel-related ones at that.  Here are some that have been helpful for us in the past.

Hotel Tonight

Winging the road trip and don’t actually know when you’re going to stop driving for the night?  Check out Hotel Tonight for last minute room booking – you’ll find some amazing deals! (FREE)

Google Trips

Google Trips is a one-stop-shop for organizing all of your reservations – flight, hotel, restaurant.  It imports the info from confirmations sent to your Gmail account.  May sound a bit “Big Brother-ish” but very helpful.  (FREE)

When we have an idea ahead of time as to where we’re laying our heads, we head over to – either their website or app.  After you book and stay 10 nights at any of their participating hotels, you earn a free night’s stay – at any of their participating hotels. (FREE)


We’ve used Waze as our guide on so many different vacations.  Waze alerts you when there is an accident ahead, a police officer on the horizon, and traffic.  This community-based app is spot on when it comes to navigating you around congestion.

NOTE: Sometimes it may bring you through some interesting areas, yet will save you driving time.  Other times you may be directed off the highway to then be guided right back on.  I haven’t figured out why that happens, I just go with it.

Roadside America

If you are roadtripping, you should download Roadside America.  It does cost $2.99 but it will help you discover off the beaten path attractions.  I’m talking touring the Aluminum Tree and Ornament Museum in North Carolina.

Summer travel essentials

About The Author

Dana Peller

Dana Peller

I’m a wife, mom, biz owner, writer, creator, and TV personality. My days are accomplished with a dash of flair, lots of style, and fueled by coffee.

About The Author

Dana Peller

Dana Peller

I’m a wife, mom, biz owner, writer, creator, and TV personality. My days are accomplished with a dash of flair, lots of style, and fueled by coffee.

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49 thoughts on “Summer Travel Necessities”

  1. These are some amazing travel necessities. I swear by the traveling cubes. Makes packing so much easier.

  2. Love these packing essentials! I’ve heard so much about packing cubes — it sounds like they help a lot — I’m definitely going to have to order a set!

  3. Gervin Khan

    You have a nice lists of travel necessities. I love the idea of having a traveling cubes because it will really help me to make my packing more organize.

  4. I’ve heard of Away luggage as well and see what the hype is all about! Good luggage (and apps) make traveling easier:)

  5. I need to get me some packing cubes. I keep forgetting when I go to the stores but i am surely reminded when I start packing. Pretty cool list of travel necessities.

  6. These are some really awesome traveling necessities and I really like that you also included some things people may not think to pack. For example the compression socks, they would not be on my list of things to bring. However, the next time I travel and it’s a long flight I’m going to make sure I pack some.

  7. Elizabeth O

    Talking about convenience while travelling. I love these packing cubes. They are so genius and very useful. There is no need to dig in the luggage everytime I need to find something. Cool!!

  8. Djebe Laws

    Awesome travel tips, I love the cubes, i have never heard of them before but what an awesome idea

  9. Packing cubes are something that I would really need whenever I ahve a trip. Adn these travel essentials are so important.

  10. I am an avid traveler and I enjoyed reading your article. I absolutely love using packing cubes for organizing my stuff.

  11. Erik the Hungry Traveller

    I actually guessed the items youd be discussing before i read the post and I got it right on a lot of items especially the Luggage. I agree that a good luggage can make your travel a lot lot easier.

  12. Tammie Reinhart

    I love using duffle bags and back packs whenever possible. It saves on baggage fees at the airport.

  13. I love all these. Especially those packing cubes. They look so helpful.

  14. Speaking of convenience, these packing cubes are so perfect and useful. It would really make my things more organized.

  15. All these especially the socks are things I must start stocking up on especially as I plan for a 6 month travel trip. Thanks

    1. 6 months of traveling? Have fun – and yes, those socks will definitely come in handy!

  16. Ellie Plummer

    This is so useful. I always feel like I’ve forgotten something so I really appreciate this list.

  17. Those packing cubes look very convenient! These are all great necessities for traveling!

  18. This is an amazing list! I love it and will be very useful especially that I travel a lot. Thanks a lot.

  19. These are great product ideas! I love packing cubes and hanging toiletry bags, and I always take compression socks when traveliung.

  20. i love this travel necessities tips… I don’t really travel much during summer because I cant handle the heat.. But I travel during rainy season.. I could still use this.. And of course WAZE.. my savior hahaha.. I travel light and alone most of the time..

  21. Alexandra Cook

    I’ve been already using a few of those apps and would love to dig out more about Hotel Toninght. Sounds like a very useful travel app.

  22. I have been loving packing cutes! That have been a game changer with organization! Thank you for all these reminders and ideas!

  23. This is such a great list of travel essentials! I need to snag a few of these items for myself!

  24. I am a big fan of packing cubes and suitcases that have 360 wheels! This is a great travel packing list!

  25. Some wonderful list for Summer travel necessities! I love packing cubes. They are a game changer when it comes to packing!

  26. twinspirationalparties

    I agree with these travel necessities, especially the apps. I find it important to have apps that can help us with our trip.

  27. I love the idea of packing cubes. The luggage could be so messy without it. Especially for men like me..

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    I agree with all these tips, especially those apps. It makes traveling more convenient. Especially Waze.. Such a useful app..

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