Must Haves To Pack for Your Spring and Summer Vacations

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This article has been created in partnership with REI, and all opinions are my own.  

You’ve finalized all travel plans for your next vacation, but don’t know what to pack.  Not to worry – I’ve got you covered!

I’ve been on way too many trips where I seemingly forget to pack essential items.  

Travel Attire

It is so important to be comfortable when you are en route to your final destination. Regardless if you are driving, flying, or taking public transportation, you need to be comfortable.  

Must Haves To Pack for Your Spring and Summer Vacations

Wear comfortable, breathable clothing that you can move around in easily.  On my last road trip to Atlanta, I wore this amazingly comfy Aoraki Travel Dress by REI Co-op.  The first detail that I loved off the bat is the pockets – especially the hidden zipper pocket!

REI Dress 2

The lightweight, stretch fabric dries quickly and is also treated for water repellency.  Tell me what other dress this cute offers that?!

The shoulder panels and pleats allow for a full range of motion.  I wasn’t restricted at all.

Spring and summer vacations customarily call for lightweight clothing.  I pack a variety of shorts – both denim and drawstring waist – and different types of tops, all of which I can mix and match.  T-shirts are a must, as well as some lightweight long sleeve tops, and of course tank tops!

REI Tank

Made from organically grown cotton and hemp, my lightweight Northerwoods tank top goes perfect with a pair of cutoff denim shorts or chinos.  I love the keyhole and button details, giving this top a sweet vintage vibe!

Unfortunately, I cannot remember a vacation where at least one day there wasn’t a bit of rain.  In most cases, I had forgotten my umbrella and raincoat. Thankfully I packed my Trailsmith anorak this past vacation!  

REI Anorak

My favorite feature of them all is the elastic cuffs – it helps seal in the warmth but also keeps out the wetness!  There are pockets galore as well as adjustable ventilation with the side zippers.

REI Co-op Membership

I have always known of REI as the go-to brand for comfortable clothing for outdoor living enjoyment.  Did you know that they offer a membership program?  Known as the REI Co-op Membership, this lifetime membership of only $20 offers amazing perks.

  • Earn dividends based on your purchases.  
  • Vote on whom sits on the REI Board of Directors.
  • Score great deals on gently used and returned gear at member-only garage sales
  • Take part in member-only events hosted across the country.

Learn more about the membership opportunities and sign up right on their website!

Everyone Loves a SALE!

REI Members can save 20% on one full-price item, and an extra 20% off one REI Outlet Item AND get an additional 10% (2 times your dividend) back when you spend $50 or more on REI Co-op brand items.  Be sure to use coupon code MEMPERK2019 at checkout!

10% will be paid by single-use digital member bonus card.  This offer is valid 4/12/2019 – 4/22/2019. Terms and conditions apply to this offer. Go to for offer terms and conditions.

Next time you are looking for some super comfortable clothing and accessories to take on your next vacation, head over to  Don’t forget to become a member to take advantage of the GREAT benefits too!

Must haves to pack for a Spring or Summer Vacation

About The Author

Dana Peller

Dana Peller

I’m a wife, mom, biz owner, writer, creator, and TV personality. My days are accomplished with a dash of flair, lots of style, and fueled by coffee.

About The Author

Dana Peller

Dana Peller

I’m a wife, mom, biz owner, writer, creator, and TV personality. My days are accomplished with a dash of flair, lots of style, and fueled by coffee.

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37 thoughts on “Must Haves To Pack for Your Spring and Summer Vacations”

  1. I love your causal travel dress! It works for just about any environment you are traveling to, in warmer weather that is.

  2. Love your dress and I am always on the lookout if value-for-money sale. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dalene Ekirapa

    Proper attire is just so key when packing up for any vacation. Currently, I’ve stocked a number of denim shorts and light kimonos. I can’t wait to start rocking them.

  4. I travel often and i think the Aoraki travel dress is pretty cool to wear in tropical countries. I may check it out soon.

  5. I cant go on vacation anywhere without a sweatshirt of some kind. I am always freezing!

  6. My husband loves to shop at this store. He is a camping person and he can spend way too much time in this store.

  7. Brittany Charnley

    I like your outfits for the trip! I love traveling over these breaks! How fun! Enjoy!

  8. Brittany Charnley

    Thank you for sharing this! I love your outfits! Packing is always the hardest part for me.

  9. That dress is so cute! And I love that it has pockets — that’s what really sells a dress these days. Packing for trips in the spring can be so difficult because the weather changes at the drop of a hat. Glad to know that REI offers so many options!

  10. Vivienne

    Your dress looks so comfortable! I love REI products. Great tips on what to pack!

  11. I had a horrific trip once that I packed for sunny outdoor warm weather and it POURED the entire time. I didn’t have a raincoat or umbrella with me at all! SO glad to find what looks like a lightweight solution to that is available at REI!

  12. I have not heard about REI. After reading this, I will check out more about them. Becoming their member seems to have benefits.

    1. It does – you get 10% back from any of their Co-op brand items, which I love them all 😉

  13. That dress looks very comfy to travel in. I always make sure to pack the kids plenty of under garments incase of accidents. One thing I always pack when travel is allergy and headache medicine too.

    1. Tara, so glad you mentioned allergy and headache medicine. Every time (not even exaggerating) we go away, we forget them!

  14. These dresses are amazing perfect for traveling and I am totally agree you on this that while traveling one need to wear comfy clothes.

  15. alison netzer

    We love our REI coop program. I always travel with dresses bought from REI

  16. Whenever I travel or just stay at home, I prefer wearing comfy outfits. You have a really great point and those outfits are all lovely and stylish.

  17. I love how stylish you are. I want your dress too!!! Whenever we travel I always make sure to bring lots of comfy clothes!

  18. I’m about to leave for a trip next week so these tips will definitely come in handy, especially since I need to purchase a new poncho/light jacket.

  19. Tank tops and denim are absolutely essential when it comes to summertime. They would be good to carry on pretty much any trip you have.

  20. Bindu Thomas

    I love your out fit. These looks so comfy. Great tips on what to pack!

  21. Your travel attires are gorgeous! They are simple and usually one color, but they look chic, stylish and quite sophisticated for a look! I dig this kind of fashion!

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