KidzDocNow Pediatric Telemedicine – Why It Is Genius

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KidzDocNow pediatric telemedicine by Pediatric Associates is genius!

In my household, holiday seasons are synonymous to at least one of my kids getting sick. It is almost as if the germs know when to infiltrate.

I’m not trying to jinx them this year (please, please no) but every year one of the kids get sick during one of the major winter holidays.  My sister and I were the same way.  My sister actually got chicken pox at the ripe age of 30 on Christmas Eve.  (I subsequently was blessed with chicken pox 2 weeks later, at 27.)   Sharing is caring in most cases, but not this scenario.  

Even if it isn’t holiday season and my boys come down with something, I rue going to the pediatrician’s office.  Can you honestly tell me that germs know the difference between the “sick” and “well” kids, separated by air and signs with arrows designating where you should sit?  

There have been way too many times when I’ve brought N or G to the pediatrician for a cold/cough/sore throat and end up a few days later with another ailment.  

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Enter KidzDocNow – a service that offers virtual visits with a pediatrician in the comfort of your own home. Through this service, you and your child can have a virtual visit to determine a diagnosis from your pediatrician. By utilizing the KidzDocNow app on your smart phone, you have 24/7 access to a pediatrician.  

As a super busy mom, this service is heaven-sent.  All you need to do is download the app, and if you feel your child has any of the conditions below, you may be able to be treated via your tablet, smartphone, laptop,or desktop computer.  


  • Abscess or Boils
  • Baby Concerns
    • Teething
    • Umbilical Cord
    • Feeding
    • Sleeping
    • Circumcision
    • Cradle Cap
    • Thrush
  • Constipation
  • Cuts or Scrapes
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever over 1 year of age < 48 hours (alone or with any other symptom on this list)
  • Head Lice
  • Immunization Reaction – redness, swelling, sore at site of injection
  • Mouth Sores/Hand Foot Mouth Disease
  • Pink Eye/ Eye Discharge
  • Pinworms
  • Rash:
    • Ringworm
    • Eczema
    • Dry Skin, Acne
    • Chicken Pox
    • Measles
    • Athletes Foot
    • Diaper Rash
    • Insect Bite
    • Sunburn
  • Runny nose/Nasal Congestion/Cold symptoms
  • Sty
  • Vomiting and Diarrhea less than 24 hours (over 1 year of age)


What I especially appreciate is that existing Pediatric Associates patients do not have to pay any fees up front. The insurance company will be billed first and then you would be responsible for the portion the insurance company does not cover. For new or self-pay patients a telemedicine visit will be $59.  That is extremely reasonable, especially considering the convenience.


Great question!  You can download KidzDocNow via the App Store or Google Play.  

KidzDocNow pediatric telemedicine by Pediatric Telemedicine is genius!
In my household, holiday seasons are synonymous to at least one of my kids getting sick. It is almost as if the germs know when to infiltrate. #

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Dana Peller

Dana Peller

I’m a wife, mom, biz owner, writer, creator, and TV personality. My days are accomplished with a dash of flair, lots of style, and fueled by coffee.

About The Author

Dana Peller

Dana Peller

I’m a wife, mom, biz owner, writer, creator, and TV personality. My days are accomplished with a dash of flair, lots of style, and fueled by coffee.

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55 thoughts on “KidzDocNow Pediatric Telemedicine – Why It Is Genius”

  1. This does sound amazing! With flu season here, I need things like this. I will have to get the app for sure.

  2. This can’t come soon enough! With the flu season come up I do not want to go sit in the doctors office with my son if he gets sick. This way he does not get exposed again to something else. It’s perfect.

  3. Melissa Chapman

    What a great service bacause kids always get sick at the wrong times when the pediatrician is off. Getting those rashes checked would be so helpful.

  4. Sondra Barker

    I know when I get sick I don’t even want to leave the house and children don’t want to even more! This is so helpful and convenient. (Reciprocated by Natasha Romero-Salas)

  5. I agree. I think telemedicine is the best thing and the way of the future. Keep those germs at home and don’t bring them to the doctor’s office, right?

  6. I love having access to telemedicine. It cuts down on time spent in the doctors office. Most insurance companies have opted to allow patients to use their service because it saves them money too. I’m all for it. Like you, I typically get sick at the worst times ever or when the doctor is out of town. With a frail immune system, I have to be a bit more proactive and some drs look at me strangely but most of the time I know when my symptoms are going to turn into a huge problem. Just a few weeks ago, I had bronchitis and laryngitis. It was awful. The doctor didn’t want to give me antibiotics but went ahead and sent them to the pharmacy. She wanted me to wait to start them and I did wait a day. I’m thankful that she went ahead and called something in. I went into the weekend getting worse and almost had to make an ER visit anyhow. I was having coughing fits and asthma symptoms. Luckily, I had a nebulizer and medication at home and it did the trick to help break up the junk along with antibiotics.

    1. I hope you are feeling better!! I am also glad that you listen to your body and know when to seek medical help 🙂

  7. This sounds amazing. I hate bringing a lightly sick kid to the doctor, where they can possibly get more sick.

  8. This sounds fantastic! Do they have the service for adults too? My son is grown but I will pass this info to my daughter in law who has 2 little ones! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Susie! There are companies that provide telemedicine for adults. My health insurance company just started offering it as well!

  9. Monica Y

    That is such a cool service, there is nothing worst than having a sick child and not being able to take them to the doctor due to babysitting issues or being in the middle of the night

  10. I didn’t know about this app. Sounds very helpful for a busy mom. I will surely check it out. Thank you for sharing.

  11. This app sounds great, especially for mothers who are concerned about their children but don’t want to go to a hospital to expose the child to all the germs there.

  12. This is so convenient! It’s so fab how easy things are these days. So glad that there is an app like this now.

  13. Tonya Morris

    OMG I need to get this immediately! What a genius idea and love that it is so cost effective and accessible through an app!

  14. My son is fearful of the doctor’s office. It is such a relief to know that we can get care this way. The pricing is reasonable, too.

    1. Tami, this is the perfect alternative for children who are afraid of the doctor’s office!

  15. I am a huge fan of telemedicine! It’s so much more convenient and cuts down on the amount of time it takes to drive and wait to see a doctor.

  16. I could have used this when my kids were babies and I was constantly worried about this or that when they weren’t feeling quite right!

  17. There are so many things that can be handled remotely like this. I like to think of all the germs we aren’t sharing.

  18. Paula Stewart

    I first learned of the online visits with physicians in 2014 and am thrilled to see that this is available for children, also. It seems that mine always got sick when their pediatrician’s office was closed.

  19. This service sounds incredibly helpful! I will have to check it out in the future.

    1. I love the day and age we live in where a service like this exists. When my kids get sick it is always when their doctor’s office is closed and the urgent care is closed as well. I will have to look into getting this so I can know that I have a backup for when my kids get sick and won’t have to worry about when they will get treated.

  20. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I will have to tell my daughter to download the app. Even though her son’s pediatrician is always responsive to text messages, there are times when her pedia is out of the country for seminars/conventions. Having the KidzDocNow app would be great especially when you need help at ungodly hours.

  21. My best friend swears by telemedicine. I think this is such a convenient app that hopefully I won’t have to use any time soon, but if I do, I am glad to know it’s there!

  22. Kaitlyn Fortier

    Wow! what a convenient way to get some
    answers! That is one seriously amazing idea. I’m glad it works for you.

  23. Agnes Dela Cruz

    I need to learn more about this. Anything about health and convenience I am up for it.

  24. I absolutely love it. This service is super useful and I think we need to implement it everywhere. In some countries, this would make a huge difference to the better.

  25. That sounds amazing! And so convenient indeed. I am such a worry-wart and I hate it when my son gets sick. I will have to check that app out.

  26. We have used telemedicine doctors in the past and I love them for simple things. I haven’t heard of this particular one but our insurance company started allowing us to use them. Insurance companies are wise because it saves them money too.

    1. I couldn’t agree more…I think it saves the insurance companies a lot in the long run!

  27. I love this idea! It’s so nerve-wracking when those little ones are sick and you don’t want to run out to the doctor every time. This is perfect.

  28. catherine santiago jose

    Definitely a great news for every household who wants to have a pediatric check up for their kids in a convenience of their home.

  29. It’s tough when the kids are sick and you’d have to line up at the pedia to have them checked. I think this makes things easier for everyone especially the children. Love the convenience!

  30. As a mom, I wish we had this app when the kids were younger! Imagine the convenience it brings especially for parents who are both working shifts. I think it’s really awesome that we now have this option!

    1. I agree Terri. Both my husband and I work and have limited time off, so it does help!!!

  31. Totally wish this was available when my kids were younger! I can imagine how convenient this is to have in your corner. I think it’s awesome that we now have this kind of option when it comes to health care for the kids!

  32. This does sound really great. I know sometimes it’s hard to get to a doctor. It’s nice to have these kinds of options too.

  33. This is clever. Our dr.’s office offers the service. If our internet was better. I would use it. Glad to know it’s becoming more popular.

  34. Catalina

    I know what do you mean. I have the same problem with my kid every time for holidays! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  35. This is so convenient to have, especially for those times it is late at night or weekends or evenings. It is nice to have the peace of mind when you have this tool.

  36. I had no idea this was available. I will have to tell all my young mom friends about this.

  37. This would have been so helpful to have when my kids were younger! It sounds like a great service.

  38. This app is a great alternative to having to go to the emergency room or urgent care. It’s nice that you can connect with a dr at home to find out what you need to do to treat your kid’s ailment.

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