5 Essentials When Traveling With Kids

5 Essentials when traveling with kids

This is the perfect time of year to talk about some essential things all moms should bring with them when they go on vacation.  Most of the time when we’d travel with the boys, it would be to a place where, should we forget something, we could easily pick up a replacement at a local store.  Although that was mainly the case, its best to pack what you need so you don’t have to go through the hassle of shopping while on vacation.  Check out my list of must haves when traveling with little ones this holiday season!


Foldable Stroller

Essentials when traveling with kids foldable stroller

These days, there are loads of foldable strollers on the market that make great travel accessories for moms. A stroller is absolutely essential if you have young children. There’s no way they have the energy to walk around all the time – and sometimes they’re too young to even walk!  You need something that’s lightweight and easy to carry and high quality. If you can find something that ticks these boxes, then you’ve got the perfect travel stroller.

Car Seats

If a portion of your travels involves a car, then you’ll definitely need a car seat for your kids. These seats are essential for ensuring your children travel safely when in the car. They also come in all shapes and sizes and different varieties. As it shows on the Baby Seats Reviews website, you can get car seats for different aged kids too. It’s important you know the correct size to get for the age of your child. If possible, you want a car seat that you can take on a plane with you too. If you’re traveling by train, then there are no restrictions on the amount of luggage you can bring aboard with you –  you can easily take your car seat on the train and then fit it in another car when you reach your destination. When flying, some airlines might have restrictions but are generally quite lenient when it comes to car seats and strollers, etc. This means that when you land in a new destination, your rental car can be safe for your child to ride in.


Essentials when Traveling with Kids

In this day and age, you simply can’t go on any holiday without bringing a camera. It doesn’t matter if it’s a smartphone camera or a traditional camera that takes more professional photos. The bottom line is, you need something to capture all of the memories from the trip. Imagine going on vacation and not having any photos to look back on in a few years time (we forgot our camera when we went on our honeymoon and had to buy one when we got to Rome). Try asking to find a “camera” not knowing that “camera” in Italian means “room”.  The taxi driver bringing us to the hotel as well as the receptionist at the hotel were very confused.

Part of the joy of traveling with your family is that you get to capture so many brilliant moments that you wouldn’t experience back home. I also recommend you bring a camera that can also record video. These days, everyone is videoing themselves throughout their travels. It’s fun to see your adventures in video format rather than still image photos from time to time. Truthfully speaking, I think that most modern smartphones can be the perfect family vacation cameras.  I love my DSLR, but my smartphone is much more travel friendly.

First Aid Bag

As a mom, when it’s time to travel, you assume many different roles. You’re the chief organizer of everything and create schedules for everyone to follow. You’re a professional suitcase packer that gets everyone’s bags jammed full of everything without going over the weight limit. You take on the role of chef as you prepare everyone’s packed snacks to eat during travel. And, you also assume the role of the nurse so make sure to pack a first aid bag. You should include band aids, medication, any salves (Neosporin, Calamine lotion) – everything you need to deal with an emergency health situation.  It’s rare that something does happen, and you’ll usually get a rolled eye look from your spouse and kids when you pack it. However, if someone ever needs anything from the bag, then you get to take the moral high ground and say ‘I told you so.’

Fanny Pack

Essentials when traveling with kids

This small accessory is incredibly useful when going on vacation. I have a cute black Lululemon one that has come in handy a bunch of times!

If you don’t know what a fanny pack is – it’s a small bag that’s attached to a strap which fits around your waist making it easy to carry. The size can vary, but generally, they’re perfect for storing your phone, passport, purse, and a few first-aid items too. It’s the type of thing you only truly appreciate when it’s not on. If you’ve traveled with a fanny pack and then forget to bring it out with you one day, it’s like your world gets flipped upside down. You’re constantly checking your pockets to find your phone or purse. Alternatively, you’re forced to carry around a big handbag that can be unpractical. A fanny pack is just easy to carry and serves a simple purpose. Trust me when I say it can make traveling a whole lot easier for you and your family. Stick everyone’s passports in your fanny pack, and there’s no worry of them getting lost. I know they are very 80’s but to have your hands free and not have to worry about a huge over-the-shoulder bag is very liberating!

If you refuse to be seen with a fanny pack, I recommend to at least carry a cross body bag or small backpack.

If you’re traveling with small children, it is super important to be prepared. You’ll be much more organized, and your kids will be happier, safer, and more comfortable too!

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Dana Peller

Dana Peller

I’m a wife, mom, biz owner, writer, creator, and TV personality. My days are accomplished with a dash of flair, lots of style, and fueled by coffee.

About The Author

Dana Peller

Dana Peller

I’m a wife, mom, biz owner, writer, creator, and TV personality. My days are accomplished with a dash of flair, lots of style, and fueled by coffee.

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