Do You Believe in the KonMari Method? The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Do You Believe in the KonMari Method The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I look in my closet, and no matter how many times I go through it and reorganize, I get this lump in my throat.  Half of the items I don’t wear because they are from my “office” days, other items I continue to hold on to because I feel like I need to. What is this KonMari Method I hear about so often?

Do You Believe in the KonMari Method The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I’ve decided that I can’t do this any longer, hence my recent purchase and reading of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  I remember when the book first came out – it was all over the news and Marie Kondo was on talk show after talk show illustrating her art of decluttering and organizing.  I thought it was a little silly to have to hold a tank top in my hand, and then see if it “sparks joy”.  If it doesn’t it should be donated.  Then, I thought about the concept and it made a lot of sense.

There’s so much more to her strategy than just finding the “spark”.  There is a method to her not-so-maddening “madness”.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

As you can tell, I wanted to remember a lot of the things I read!

The first comment that really rang true with me was

People have trouble discarding things that they could still use (functional value), that contain helpful information (informational value), and that have sentimental ties (emotional value).  When these things are hard to obtain or replace (rarity), they become even harder to part with.

This is what I struggle with, as does a large majority of people I know.  If you could see the bins of greeting cards that we’ve received over the years…

Marie offers a hierarchy of what categories of belongings to go through first, then second, and so on.

  1. Clothes
  2. Books
  3. Papers
  4. Komono (a Japanese term meaning miscellaneous)
  5. Mementos

Komono includes things such as makeup, skin care products, any accessories, household supplies, and more.

I agree with the importance of starting early in the morning, when you have a clear mind.  If I don’t start first thing in the morning, I am sure to be distracted by millions of little things and probably won’t start at all.

Kondo’s subcategories within each main category, the interesting way with which she folds the clothing (standing up, so as not to crush anything and her particular way of folding socks), and her reasoning as to why clutter forms

Clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong.  Therefore, storage should reduce the effort needed to put things away, not the effort needed to get them out.

all make total sense.  She is so rational and actually quite realistic in her approach.

There were some facets of the KonMari Method that I didn’t necessarily agree with, such as not leaving your body and hair care items in the shower.  She recommends taking them out after each shower.  If I did that, I would most definitely forget one item – and realize such when I am already in the shower and soaking wet.

I do, however, agree with her philosophy when it comes to organizing papers.  They are either papers to be saved or papers to deal with now.  That is so simple and once put into effect in our house, has removed a lot of random letters, coupons, postcards and more from the countertops and files.

I highly recommend reading this book if you are ready to take control of your home again (and your closet in my case!) I’m on to her next book, Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up.  Stay tuned for that review and hopefully beautiful photos of my uncluttered home!

*I purchased this book and the opinions in this post are 100% my own!


About The Author

Dana Peller

Dana Peller

I’m a wife, mom, biz owner, writer, creator, and TV personality. My days are accomplished with a dash of flair, lots of style, and fueled by coffee.

About The Author

Dana Peller

Dana Peller

I’m a wife, mom, biz owner, writer, creator, and TV personality. My days are accomplished with a dash of flair, lots of style, and fueled by coffee.

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77 thoughts on “Do You Believe in the KonMari Method? The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”

  1. I LOVED this book! The part about parents not liking their children discarding things they gave them really hit home for me. I don’t agree with her notion of taking everything out of my purse when I get home everyday or the shower thing either (same reason as you). Also, towards the end of the book when she wrote about clients having bouts of diarrhea after purging their home seemed a little hookie to me.

  2. After looking at some of my closets I think I need to read this book. 🙂 I love the idea of standing everything up in drawers, especially in my kids rooms since they completely destroy drawers looking for one particular thing.

    1. Carolyn, I started to hang everything I could in my boys’ rooms because of the same problem you are speaking of. Their drawers are a mess.

  3. I’ve been wanting to read this! I’ve been hearing a lot about the if you don’t love it toss it mantra. I need that to help me declutter!

  4. I’m so into this book it’s crazy! I did a post on how it helped me allocate more to my travel fund:

    I really loved the part about letting things go that held you back–I cleared out my exboyfriend boxes and immediately felt a weight off my shoulders. Totally great on the shower things–a little intense. I also could never empty my purse at the end of every day. I don’t think I have that kind of time on my hands 🙂

    1. Hannah, I can’t wait to read your post!!! (I also can’t wait to go through my memory box and get rid of the superfluous items from ex’s and such!)

      1. Thank you!!! And yes, do it! It feels so good. I think that little tiny voice says “what if I miss it” but I haven’t missed it at all. Oddly therapeutic being able to “let go” so-to-speak.

        1. Yes totally!! Now I need to stop bringing new things in. That’s the hardest part!

    1. It’s a quick and easy read – I’d love to hear what you think about it Amanda!

  5. I have never heard of this book! Very interesting premise. You made me want to read it…I have been struggling lately with an overwhelming desire to get rid of the clutter in my life…maybe this is destiny?!?

  6. Dana, I’ve heard about the Kon Mari method but I’ve never really read anything about it, this is the first I’ve really read about it, and it makes me want to read the book – thank you!

    I try to live clutter free as much as I possibly can, but I think there is more I could be doing. I am betting that in the next 12 weeks I will do a whole lot more decluttering as we make room for baby and I go into the nesting phase.

  7. Bree Hogan

    I’ve got this book and really quite enjoyed it. I haven’t implemented all her suggestions yet but I am slowly working my way through different rooms in our house. I definitely feel so much lighter once the stuff starts to exit the house…

  8. That book really did sprout up evrerywhere all of a sudden, didnt’ it? I like how you gave some specific examples of things she said. That is very interesting about the shower products. This would be a great read to get me motivated to spring clean. Thanks for the review!

    1. Thanks Angie! The shower product situation really surprised me…it’s something I don’t think I could do. I’d totally forget something mid-shower.

  9. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I have never even heard of this method, but I do need to clean out my closet. Badly! I have like NO space in there.

    1. Knowing your style Robin, I have a feeling you won’t touch each piece to see if it sparks joy…BUT I would love to know what you would say 😉

  10. I’ve heard of the Konmari method and think it’s fantastic. Luckily I’m not much of a hoarder to begin with, ha! I’ve been cleaning up my office and need to dump a bunch of stuff, including old paperback books.

  11. I haven’t read the book. But I am really into making things neat and clean and decluttered. Moving really helped. It cause us to basically do everything she suggests and now when we buy things it’s a thought-thru purchase

  12. If I took my shower products out each time, I can imagine the wet floors as I had to retrieve them with every shower.

    1. I am totally on Team Tara with this one…beside the fact of leaving something in the linen closet that I would need, the floor would totally be wet.

  13. This sounds very interesting. I definitely like keeping my space organized. I’m not sure the bathroom items is a good idea for me, though.

    1. Laura, I agree in terms of the bathroom items. That is going to be somewhat of a task for me 😉

  14. I’ve read so much about this book! I am not sure if I agree with everything but anything that will help me organize and trash stuff is fine with me.

    1. I agree with you Carol – organization is key and if it helps me to get rid of things I really don’t need, then I am game!

  15. Trish Delgado

    I have recently heard a little bit about the Konmari method and I do believe it is something that I could benefit from and that I will most likely be looking into soon.

  16. I totally need to do this! This sounds like such a great thing to do. I’ve never been one to accumulate too much unnecessary junk, but a simple cleansing is good once in a while.

  17. I’ve never heard of this, but it makes perfect sense. I’m one of those people who goes through her closed twice a year (spring and fall) and tosses old things (mostly clothes I’ve worn to the flower shop) and ratty old stuff. It’s never easy, but I have a limited number of hangers and I like it when I have a few left over!

    1. I hear you! When I buy a new box of hangers it is almost like a signal that I should really be going through what I currently own before introducing new items.

  18. I need this book in my life. Like, right now. I struggle so much with clutter. I try to clean it up but it seems like all I do is shuttle it from one location to another.

    1. Melisa, I feel your pain. That is all I do…I am sincerely hoping this book helps! I can’t wait to start Spark Joy!

  19. Elizabeth O.

    Who wouldn’t love a clean home, right? For me, the cleaner the house, the clearer the mind. And that’s exactly what I read from this post, that’s awesome. I wouldn’t mind reading this book!

  20. Nicole Escat

    That sounds interesting. Glad you shared about this. Thanks for sharing!

  21. I didn’t knew about KonMari method. I think I need to read these book, having problem with organizing clothes thanks for sharing

  22. Lawrence Hamilton

    I understand her point. It’s hard for me to get rid of stuff that holds sentimental value. I’ll get there eventually!

  23. Looks like a great read, but every time i try to clean up and organize the house my little brothers just get everything out of place =( what should i do??

    1. I have to clean when no one’s home. Otherwise things slowly go back to where they were originally. I am sure its hard when you have two brothers. 🙁

  24. christina aliperti

    I haven’t heard of this method until now but it definitely makes sense for me. I need to get my hands on this book!

  25. Michelle Blackwood

    I have come to a point in my life where less is more, so decluttering is my goal. This book sounds like the ideal tool to help.

  26. It’s those dumb functional things that get me all the time. I always think I’ll have need for things in the future or maybe the kids will.

  27. This is the first time that I am hearing about the konmari method and I am getting myself a copy. I need a lot of de-cluttering to do. I own a lot of things and I just find it difficult to let go of things that I know I no longer need. Aaah, sentimental value is not good. Lol.

    1. RaNesha check out her other book, Spark Joy, which teaches exactly how to declutter.

  28. As a working Mom who spend most of the time in my clinic for 6 days I am so up to my personal deadline to tidy up some corners in my house specially in our closets. Clothes pile up and I need to declutter soon!
    I never hear of this method just now, and I find it quite interesting.

    1. Shannon, it would be hard I am sure and Kondo doesn’t say to get rid of everything (which made me feel a lot better)! BUT you’ll pair down a lot!

  29. I totally need to declutter and organize. Spring is the best time to do it too. I’m looking forward to holding the tank top in my hand and see if it gives me any joy!

  30. Ann Bacciaglia

    This sounds like a fantastic book. I really need to learn to declutter my home.

    1. Ann, it was an easy read and really made sense. I can’t wait to dig into Spark Joy!

  31. In our house, clutter is a no no but sometimes, we do have them. My Mom is very OC about cleanliness so we try to keep things neat as much as possible.

    1. I hear you – I am usually OC about clutter but sometimes out of nowhere things just pile up!

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