Sadie Hawkins Day!

I used to rue the Sadie Hawkin’s Dance in elementary school.  That was when the girls would have to ask the boys to go to the dance.  OYE.  Do you know how Sadie Hawkins came about? This American folk event came to light on November 15, 1937 in Al Capp’s  old comic strip Li’l Abner. …

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Calling All Dog Lovers!

Ever since I can remember, I have loved animals.  Whether it was my poodle named Boris, the countless guinea pigs, fish, Seymour the turtle, Ernie the hamster (short-lived at our home once he escaped in the basement), snails, fire belly newts…and the list goes on and on.  My mom would tell a story about how …

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What is Your Pet Going to be for Halloween?

Have a dog or cat?  Here are some of my favorite costumes! I do have to say that it’s hard to find a costume for cats, but was so super easy and actually very amusing to find the costumes for dogs!  I wonder what Sadie should be.  Have any recommendations?  Comment below!

Sadie’s New Toy

What girl doesn’t want their very own Christian Loubarktin??? Sadie loves her new toy…wait until she sees what we got her for her birthday 🙂

R.I.P. Meow :(

I am so sad to report that Meow, the super cute and super large kitty that I wrote about a little while ago, has passed away.  He died of unexpected respiratory difficulties.  Executive Director of the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society was quoted as saying, “We hope his fight will encourage other people …

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