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Thank you for visiting my blog, Pellerini Proclaims!  I’m Dana, a mother of two gorgeous little guys and owner of my own Marketing Consulting company – what I’ve dubbed the “real world”.  I love it, but when when my boys get home from school my day really begins!

Here are some little-known facts about me:

I know (knew) how to knit and crochet and actually really liked both BUT never finished the projects, hence the many knitted squares and what would one day be a really cool blanket in my guest bedroom closet.

I love to write.  I never really thought I did until I started this blog.

I love to share new and cool tips and products to hopefully make life a bit easier for everyone.

I am gluten-sensitive so I try to stay as far away from anything gluten-related.  At first it was hard, but it became like second nature to me.  I love to find new recipes to make my old gluten-filled meals into gluten-free deliciousness.

When I was little I was shot in the face with a bow and arrow.

OK, so I wasn’t really shot in the face with a bow and arrow, but I wanted to see 1 – if you were really paying attention and 2 – to make my close friends and family laugh.  I did tell my parents that I was shot in the face in summer camp when I was little.  I started with drama at a very young age.

My first blog post ever wasn’t even for my site, it was for a friend’s mommy site.  I love to read so book reviews are fun for me.  I keep a running list of the books I want to read/have read.  Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

I enjoy writing articles about what’s going on NOW, whether it has to do with trending fashions, the newest beauty tips and tricks, books I’ve read, what is cooking in the kitchen, or what I am working through with my boys.  I hope you enjoy Pellerini as much as I do writing it.

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