10 Foods That Are Toxic To Pets

I need to start this post off with the fact that the only thing your pet should technically be eating is the pet food that you choose for them.  BUT, there are some pet owners that choose to cook for their pets in lieu of feeding them store bought kibbles, which is totally their choice!

Regardless if you feed your furry friend Wellness in the bag or can or home cook a meal, you need to be aware of some “human” food that can make your pet extremely sick, if not kill them.

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Milk and Dairy

Dogs’ stomachs don’t have the proper enzymes to break down the lactose in milk and dairy products.  Offering your dog milk or cheese, for example, may not be a good idea!  Your pet may experience an upset stomach or baddddd poops.

Especially watch out for blue cheese. Blue cheese contains roquefortine C – a substance that aside from an upset stomach can cause tremors, seizures, and high temperatures to say the least!


Nuts, like milk and other dairy products, may cause a stomach ache and diarrhea if ingested.  Macadamia nuts are known to cause vomiting or fever.

Grapes and Raisins

Article after article that I’ve read states that any serving size of grapes or raisins is BAD for dogs. Even a small amount can cause liver and kidney damage.

Cat Food

My bichon loved my cat’s food.  I mentioned that to my veterinarian

Coffee and Caffeine

Pets are way more affected by caffeine than people.  Caffeine can cause hyperactivity, vomiting, muscle tremors and convulsions.  Ingesting caffeine may cause damage to their liver, kidneys, or heart; cause a heart attack; coma or possible death.


Chocolate is one of the first “no-no’s” that I was taught when we got a dog.  At first, I thought it was because of the caffeine content, which is a danger to dogs.  Chocolate also contains theobromine and theophylline, which may cause excessive panting, diarrhea, vomiting and possible damage to your pet’s nervous system and heart.

Garlic and Onions

Both garlic and onions can be a risk.  If used in very small amounts, such as seasoning, garlic is a flea deterrent.  Onions, whether raw or cooked are extremely dangerous for your pet.  The disulfides and sulfoxides in it can damage their red blood cells and cause anemia.

Salty Snacks

Salt, in general, can cause an imbalance in electrolytes and possible dehydration.  It’s best not to feed your pet those potato chips or pretzels.


It sounds counterintuitive since we’ve always known dogs to love their bones, but cooked bones can easily splinter.

Corn on the Cob

One of my friends had a TERRIBLE experience when her dog got into the garbage and ate the cob.  It blocked his intestines and had to be removed surgically.

foods that are toxic to pets

There are more foods that are toxic to pets

As much as your dog looks at you with those longing eyes to just have a “little bit” of what you’re eating, you need to ignore them.  That chocolate cake that you so expertly baked and left on the counter should be out of their reach.  By feeding them “people food”, you are only hurting them!

About The Author

Dana Peller

Dana Peller

I’m a wife, mom, biz owner, writer, creator, and TV personality. My days are accomplished with a dash of flair, lots of style, and fueled by coffee.

About The Author

Dana Peller

Dana Peller

I’m a wife, mom, biz owner, writer, creator, and TV personality. My days are accomplished with a dash of flair, lots of style, and fueled by coffee.

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45 thoughts on “10 Foods That Are Toxic To Pets”

  1. Ashley Nicole

    Wow! I never thought there’s plenty of no-no’s for pets. I feed almost everything that’s mentioned here to my beagle without any signs of allergy afterwards except for some changes in stool for certain foods. This may be his manifestation of food allergy. These are good to know info, Dana. Thanks for sharing!

    1. My grandparents used to cook human food for their dogs – including chicken made with garlic. Their dogs never got sick either!

  2. This is interesting, I only knew about chocolate and I’ve always known dogs to love bones but I guess I need to have a pet to know all this, really great to know.

  3. Yikes, this is good to keep in mind. I would never want my pets to be harmed. I have two cats! Luckily they are picky about what they eat!

    1. That is great that they are picky!! 🙂 My cat never ate human food – wait, I take that back. When he would hear the can opener come out to open a can of tuna, he would come flying out of whatever room he was sleeping in!

  4. I have a cat, and yeah I am always asking questions because while he doesn’t eat my food, I like to have incense and candles and sage burning all the time, so I need to be mindful of my cat.

    1. Yes, it is great that you are mindful of your cat! There are also houseplants that are poisonous to pets too…something to think about!

  5. I’ve heard of most of these, but corn on the cob is a new one on me, so I’m glad I read this! My dog Snickers is the absolute love of my life and I would never want to accidentally feed him anything that could hurt him. Occasionally, he does get a little piece of pizza crust with nothing on it, but other than that, he only gets his kibble, and the crust is few and far between. Thanks for publishing such valuable information! Cute dogs too!

    1. I didn’t know about the corn on the cob until my friend’s dog got into the garbage and helped himself to the empty cob – and was at the emergency vet a few hours later. I love your dog’s name!

  6. Yuli Armstrong

    Excellent post! I’ll make sure to share with all the pet owners I know

  7. Christina

    We’ve got to watch out for our furry friends! They can swipe something off the floor or table before we know it!

  8. Jay Colby

    This is some great information! This is something that more dog owners should see to ensure they don’t poison their dogs.

  9. Yes, corn on the cob can be quite a culprit. It’s also smart to keep any bags used for food such as chip bags, up and away in a cabinet where they can’t get them because they can suffocate themselves with them in three minutes. Scary!

  10. Dee Jackson

    I recently discovered that chocolate and those things are toxic for dogs. I had no idea about the others!!

    1. It’s so crazy that some of the things on the list you would never think would adversely affect pets – but they do!

  11. Yeah we learned the hard way with bones. It was shocking but it made our lab sick. He had stomach issues.

  12. I already knew about chocolate, but I had no idea about the other ones. This list is good to know. I think it’s best to just stick to dog food. If you do that, they won’t beg at dinner time.

  13. This is so good to know/remember. I don’t have pets but when i visit friends with pets or they visit, I find sometimes the pets go for food items I think they shouldn’t, but I always wait for the friend to say something as other people are relaxed about other things.

  14. Wow, I had no idea about the onions. And nuts?? Who would’ve thought about those things. It’s like we only ever know about dark chocolate being bad.

    1. Marci, I always thought it was chocolate only too…there are other foods that I didn’t even mention. It’s crazy!

  15. I remember my colleague who just recently told me that their pet were confined to hospital due to vomiting with blood. It turned out that the dog was served grapes when their had a visitor kid and they have no idea about it. Grapes was the reason of it.

    1. Wow, that is so sad. I hope your colleague’s dog is feeling better. You’d never think that half of the foods I mentioned were dangerous for pets. It’s very scary!

  16. instagonline

    I bought cheese for my cat once, luckily he just sniffed and turned away, phew~ Thank you for sharing the list!

  17. Blair Villanueva

    Chocolates no matter how delicious and naturally made it is, this is one of the main foods that are no no to our pets. And this is a good thing because, I would never share my good chocolates with them, lol

  18. Ingrid Rizzolo

    When as a child we had pets we would cook for them. Now you are educating us about the peculiarities of their stomachs. Are you saying it is better to serve our pets store bought foods?

    1. I would say to be careful and do your research when it comes to store-bought food as there may be fillers and additives that aren’t good for them. I think it is OK to cook for your pets as long as it is bland and that you take into consideration the foods that are harmful.

  19. I have a dog myself and I have read things about what they should and should not eat. I didn’t know that corn and bones were bad for dogs! Thanks for sharing.

  20. It’s always great to get educated to make sure your pets stay safe and healthy! I know a lot of fruits are bad for dogs as they have higher acidity levels. Thanks for sharing!

    Marriah Tarango
    Tarango Visual Studio

  21. Don’t forget Xylitol!
    My friend made banana bread with xylitol. Her dog shouldn’t have but ate the banana bread as she was doing a sponsored post for Xylitol- her dog died because Xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs. So heartbreaking.

    1. Totally, Sara! I can’t wait to check out your blog – I am always looking for resources for pet reviews 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

  22. Wow, that’s an eye opener. Thanks for sharing. I recently did some investigation into what to feed our rabbits, number one on the list of “don’ts” were carrots. Back to school for me. I hope the past year of carrots consumption hasn’t had any major effects.

    1. Whoa, I didn’t know about the carrots! Bianca, I used to feed my bunny, Carlos, carrots all the time!

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